The SPF30 Classroom Dispenser


The beauty of the dispenser is that it allows children (with the permission of parents) to keep themselves safe. We're helping them to learn about risks - and providing safe solutions. Having looked at a number of dispenser units, the junior testers and I chose this one.

How far does 1 litre of sun lotion go?

Each press of the button releases approximately 2 mls of lotion. This doesn't sound a lot - but it equates to quite a large splodge on a child's hand.

We found that to cover lower arms, face and lower legs - we used around 4mls. That means 1ltr will give approximately 250 applications.


How the dispenser works

Our dispensers are bulk fill. This means that sun lotion can simply be added as required to the dispenser's internal reservoir. Once closed, the dispenser can only be opened with the supplied key.

Why get a classroom dispenser?

  • Durability
    Classrooms are demanding places (in every sense!). This dispenser will take the knocks.
  • Safety
    A push down key unlocks the unit. Without the key it cannot be opened. The big dispenser button is easy to use - but offers some resistance. Children can't easily keep on pressing and pressing!
  • Simplicity
    The unit comes with simple wall fixings - even we could fit it.

Classroom Dispenser

Dispenser reservoir